Último Numero: August 2021


Mehram launched in 1983, is one of the oldest general interest Punjabi monthly magazines. It has its roots deep in Punjabi culture and literature. It comments on provincial, national and international events, sports, education and much more. It is known for its unbiased, healthy and positive attitude. It covers all significant events as far as politics, religion, films, current affairs, television etc. It gives knowledge regarding all aspects in a very simple and dignified manner. It is preferred above all others for its captivating performances. It maintains equilibrium in all fields and it is appreciated by one and all. It is published monthly with all social, religious, political features on its forefront.

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Fecha primera publicación:19 December 2017
Fecha ultima Publicación: 19 August 2021
Genre: Noticias
Country: India
Language: Punjabi