Akhand Gyan - Hindi

Último Numero: February 2021


Akhand Gyan is a monthly spiritual magazine of Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan. With a new rainbow collection every month, it encapsulates more than 60 versatile shades of write-ups, such as: Corporate Spirituality, Personality Bytes, Healing Herbs, Vedic-o-logy, Grooming Relationships, Self-Analysis Zone, Kindergarten, and many more. It provides deep insight into the solutions of problems prevailing in life and society today, with a comprehensive outlook from spiritual, scientific and philosophical perspectives. Akhand Gyan is available in three languages: English, Hindi and Punjabi, all with unique and inspirational contents.

Tipo documento: Revista
Números Disponibles: 30
Fecha primera publicación:10 Diciembre 2018
Fecha ultima Publicación: 01 Febrero 2021
Género: None Religious & Spiritual
País: India
Idioma: Hindi