Food Magazine Myanmar

Último Numero: August 2019


Food Magazine is the first monthly magazine of its kind in Myanmar language and one of the best selling magazine in Myanmar.It is published and issued 27th of every month.It aims at an active and happy family and is for readers who hunt for variety of local and international food of different taste and culture. It provides every month about 70 delicious Myanmar and international recipes of well known Food Magazine Stars.It refers to good restaurants for eating out, introduces celebrities in their kitchen-related life style and features careers and recipes of local and international chefs. Food Magazine also includes culinary skills and various recipes of popular housewives and household chefs. Care is also taken not to leave out health knowledge about food and culinary knowledge for children and a lot more

Tipo documento: Revista
Números Disponibles: 56
Fecha primera publicación:19 Diciembre 2017
Fecha ultima Publicación: 29 Julio 2019
Género: Cocina
País: Myanmar ( Ex Birmania)
Idioma: Birmano