Rishi Prasad Telugu

Último Numero: January 2022


Started in 1990, Rishi Prasad has now become the largest circulated spiritual monthly publication in the world with more than 10 million readers. The magazine is a digest of all thought provoking latest discourses of His Holiness Asharam Bapuji on various subjects directing simple solutions for a peaceful life. The magazine also features news on happenings at various ashrams in past month, inspirational texts from scriptures/legends , practical tips for healthy day-to-day living balancing materialism by idealism, Bapuji's answers to questions raised by seekers, disciples's experiences etc

Tipo documento: Revista
Números Disponibles: 30
Fecha primera publicación:27 Noviembre 2019
Fecha ultima Publicación: 11 Febrero 2022
Género: Hogar Religious & Spiritual
País: India
Idioma: Telugu